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Pickleball Arena is the most unique and profitable business opportunity that combines fun & fitness.

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    Why Invest in Pickleball Arena ? 

    Low Investment

    Starting a Pickleball Arena is relatively low-cost compared to other sports facilities or businesses

    High ROI

    The recurring Revenue model and low operational cost ensures high ROI making it an attractive investment opportunity

    Unique Business

    First of its kind business opportunity in India. Combines fun & fitness.

    Easy to Operate

    Pickleball Arena is tech enabled making it easy to operate with limited presence at the center.

    Growing Popularity

    Pickleball is gaining popularity in India and the active player participation is expected to grow 30-50x over the next 3 years.

    Franchise Support

    Comprehensive support like traning, operations, marketing, sales, technology, equipment etc.

    Franchisee Requirement: 

    1. 25 Lakhs investment approximately
    2. Minimum 1000  sq. yards land (or) 6000 sq. ft. of indoor/terrace space
    3. Lease term of atleast 5 years

    Franchisor Support:

    1. Location Scouting & Lease closure
    2. Facility design & approvals
    3. Infrastructure setup
    4. Facility management software
    5. Recruitments
    6. Training
    7. Marketing
    8. Equipment retail store
    9. Ongoing operational support


    What is the investment required ?

    The initial investment required is 20-25 Lakhs which majorly goes into building the infrastructure though it might slightly vary based on the area size.

    What is the expected ROI ?

    The return on investment can vary anywhere between 10-30 months, while 18 months ROI being a more realistic time-frame.

    Do I need experience for taking up the Franchise ?

    We do not require any prior experience in franchise or business management.

    Do I need to be always available at the arena to manage it ?

    The facility is fully tech enabled which makes it easy to manage without being there always. However we do recommend daily/frequent visits.

    Do you charge Franchise Fee ?

    No, we do not charge any upfront franchise fee. We charge a monthly royalty from the revenue generated.

    Is the membership an equity membership?

    Pickleball Arena is a new sport and requires know-how & trained coaches to operate it. You only pay a minimal monthly royalty against all the support you get from us.

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    Location discovery & Due deligience

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    Design & Build

    STEP 5

    Recruitment & Training

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    Open & Marketing